Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creating news

Identifying what makes news is fundamental. If you don't have a good angle, you won't achieve editorial results.

Newspapers, radio stations and tv networks receive countless stories every day from people hoping to see their businesses in print or on air, so you have to be clever, timely, and bold to grab a journalist's, editor's or producer's attention.

As you are likely to know by now, we achieved some excellent media coverage for Georgie Girl and The Mummy Tree Markets this weekend. So what was the secret?

"Forget iPads - ruffled nappy covers are the new mummy-must-have with hundreds of mums from all over Australia queuing this weekend to get their hands on one"

Georgie Girl ruffles are unquestionably divine, but their beauty alone is not enough to make the news.

Being able to buy them for the first time at a market is hyperventilatingly exciting for mums, but it's still not news.

Mums travelling from all over Australia to buy the ruffles is definitely starting to get interesting.

Mums queuing to buy is more interesting again, as a wonderful photo/footage opportunity now exists. 

And finally, the fact that at almost the same time as mums would be queuing to buy nappy covers, people around Australia and the world would be waiting to get their hands on the new iPad (and we've all seen the queues that form for new technology) is the hook that made this story irresistible.

The combination of a timely and compelling story with an articulate subject - the lovely Tina - who appeared beautifully on camera, speaking well and interestingly, made this news piece so good that it was syndicated nationally.


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