Monday, April 4, 2011

Kids and Maternity wear call-out

Sunshine Coast Profile magazine is looking for images of children's and maternity clothing and for its May fashion pages.

You need to send high-resolution images with information stated strictly in this format:

Product Name, RRP $0.00, Available from ... Stockist's Phone xx xxxx xxxx

Email your images and information to by 5pm (EST) tomorrow!

Good luck!

Location scouting tips

When scouting for the perfect location for your shoot you need to find somewhere that reflects the vibe of your brand, but you also need to be practical:
  • is there protection from rain or wind?
  • are there loos nearby?
  • can you get your prams in there easily enough?
  • is there an open coffee stand / cafe nearby?
  • is your shot list well thought through and in the most practical and sensible order?
  • do you have enough people on-deck to help look after little models?
  • assign someone to look after styling - there's nothing worse than getting your shots only to realise there was a crinkle, a crease or a thread spoiling it
  • be patient and prepared to wait for little people to get happy again
[lesson learned the hard way.....!]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Guides

Mother's Day is coming up quickly, and many publications will be looking to compile gift guides.

If you have something that would make a perfect Mother's Day gift, don't be shy! Get on the phone and ask who is compiling it and where you can email images and details.

Check first, but in general, it is a good idea to send a fabulous image (ask if they high or low res), your press release / fact sheet, and a 100 word product description.

Include images with your media or product release

Including a carefully edited selection (up to 3) of low-res images in the email with your media or product release is a great idea.

It gives the editor or reporter a sense of your style, your brand, and how your image could look on a page in their publication.

It also means that if they are short on photographers they can run your story using your images, rather than binning it because they can't get a photographer to you.

Just make sure that the images you send suit the publication. If it's a newspaper, you want news-style shots: casual portraits, nothing too processed, true colours (no washes, fades or amped up colours), and interesting images showing activity or movement.

If it's a glossy mag, you might go for more of a high-end lifestyle shot, or a pure product shot that can be deep-etched, for example.

If they like your images, they will ask you to send high-res versions through. This is almost always a very good sign they're going to use your lovely creations.